2021-04-16 - Nitin Dahad

Katana Optimizes Graph Engine on 3rd Gen Intel Xeon

Katana Graph has optimized its graph engine for the new 3rd generation Intel Xeon scalable processor and memory systems.

2021-04-08 - iWave Systems

iWave Systems Intros Security Suite for NXP i.MX to Secure Connected Devices

iWave Systems' Security suite secures connected devices, enabling them with security functions such as encryption, storage, data transmission and certificate…

2021-04-02 - Mark Pitchford

Balancing Risk and Cost When it Comes to Software

Systems are designed to eliminate (so far as practicable) single points of failure where one component could fail and cause…

2021-02-04 - Nitin Dahad

Securing IoT Platform with Multiple RoTs

IoT security platform addresses 'end-to-end security' with provisioning, onboarding and monitoring...

2020-12-16 - Mike Gardner

Moving Towards Standardization for Automotive OTA Updates

Automotive OTA updates enable a vehicle’s software to be remotely updated, without requiring the vehicle to be physically present at…

2020-11-30 - Majeed Ahmad

What’s on Design Engineers’ Minds in 2020?

What’s on the design engineer’s mind in 2020, the year pundits claim will change the workplace forever with the option…

2020-11-13 - John Koon

Top 5 Tech Trends to Watch in the Embedded World

Embedded technologies are evolving — performing faster, becoming more compact, and costing less. A supercomputer with a GPU can be…

2020-11-10 - Nitin Dahad

MCUs, Connectivity, Security & IoT Innovations at Embedded Forum

The run-up to the electronica 2020 virtual conference has been buzzing. As we prepare for the various virtual events —…

2020-11-06 - Messe München

5 Trends Worth Watching at Virtual electronica 2020

The virtual electronica will focus on major technical trends in the industry, some of these trends are embedded systems, e-mobility,…

2020-09-24 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Bluetooth Low Energy Modules Bring the IoT to Life

The BGM220 Bluetooth Low Energy part is designed for a range of applications, including asset tags, beacons, portable medical and…