2021-10-15 - India Science Wire

Novel Composite Materials Developed for High-Temperature Battery and Supercapacitors

Indian researchers have developed a thermally stable solid electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries for energy storage that promise application for a…

2021-10-05 - Tata Power

Tata Power Smart Meter Testing Lab Receives NABL Accreditation

Tata Power’s Smart Meter Testing and Calibration Laboratory in Mumbai has now been accredited by the NABL.

2021-09-17 - ReNew Power

Renew Power Helped India Avoid 10 Million Metric Tons of Carbon Emissions

ReNew Power has helped India avoid 10 million metric tons of carbon emissions, according to its recently released sustainability report…

2021-09-15 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

MIT Magnet Enables Path to Commercial Fusion Power

MIT researchers and a university startup announced a key milestone for bringing a demonstration fusion plant online in 2025.

2021-09-13 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

The Green Deal Gets Real

Europe intends to ban the sale of new fossil-fuel cars after 2035 as part of a plan to reach climate…

2021-09-13 - Dan Jones

Wiliot Expects to Harvest Even More RF Energy

The best-funded energy harvesting startup will grab power from more than just Bluetooth with its next product.

2021-09-10 - Milan Rosina and Shalu Agarwal

Solid-State Battery: A Battery Revolution is Coming

How solid-state battery commercialization will reshape the e-mobility business.

2021-09-06 - India Science Wire

IIT Madras Develops New Technique to Prevent Sudden Power Shutdowns

IIT Madras researchers have developed a new technique that promises to help avoid sudden power shutdowns by making it easier…

2021-09-02 - 24M Technologies Inc.

Lucas TVS to Invest in Giga Factory for Li-Ion Cell Manufacturing in India

Lucas TVS and 24M will construct one of the first Giga factories in India using 24M's innovative and disruptive SemiSolid…

2021-08-30 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Renewable Energy, Tech Innovation Needed to Slow Climate Change

Over the last 50 years, global temperatures have risen due to increased greenhouse gas emissions. A shared commitment and technological…