2016-07-27 - Yole Developpement

Evolving power electronics industry shows ‘new faces’

Both Wolfspeed and Infineon Technologies are the market leaders and the pact reinforces their dominant market position.

2016-07-22 - Christoph Hammerschmidt

Semi-automated ‘city bus of the future’ hits the road

The bus manoeuvres automatically, recognising obstacles, vehicles and pedestrians on the track and slows down accordingly, if necessary to a…

2016-07-20 - STMicroelectronics

Motor drivers boost runtime of battery-powered IoT devices

The drivers operate from a supply voltage as low as 1.8V and support power-saving design with ultra-low standby current of…

2016-07-15 - Ariella Brown

Energy efficiency: Possible with 3D printing?

EBN talks to author Jack Hornick on how '3D Printing Will Rock the World,' and its energy-saving potential.

2016-07-14 - Susan Nordyk

IC charges Li-ion batteries using CC/CV algorithm

The integrated protection circuit module allows the device to be used with Li-ion batteries without any other protection chip.

2016-07-11 - STMicroelectronics

Single-chip drivers simplify precision motor control

The drivers operate from a low 18V supply voltage and support power-saving design with ultra-low standby current of less than…

2016-07-04 - Susan Nordyk

Isolated amplifier provides low offset error

The AMC1301 is well-suited for shunt-based current sensing in high-voltage equipment, such as industrial motor drives, solar inverters, and uninterruptible…

2016-06-28 - Vishay Intertechnology

Inductors handle high current spikes without hard saturation

Offering a low 6.4mm profile, the Vishay Dale IHLP-5050FD-8A provides a wide range of inductance values from 0.22µH to 22µH.

2016-06-24 -

Novel device boosts PV system power output

Researchers from the Masdar Institute have developed a technology that independently tracks electrical currents generated by each solar panel, significantly…

2016-06-23 - None

ISRO launches record 20 satellites in single flight

ISRO has launched 20 satellites from its Satish Dhawan Space Centre—the largest number of satellites to be launched into orbit…