2017-08-17 - MIT, Tata Centre for Technology and Design

Start-up wants to improve power plants’ water use

MIT researchers Kripa Varanasi, Maher Damak and Karim Khalil have developed a technology that uses electrical fields to recapture up…

2017-08-10 - Technische Universität Darmstadt

Smart cable use paves way for smarter grid

Grid operators can expand underground cabling efficiently to allow a trouble-free operation of the energy distribution grid.

2017-07-31 - Vanderbilt University

What if your clothes could charge a cellphone?

An ultra-thin energy harvesting system has the potential to do just that. The system fuses atomically thin material into textiles…

2017-07-26 - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Researchers spell out economic gains of EV drive

If India converts to 100% EVs and retires older petrol and diesel-powered vehicles by the mid-2040s, the country could avoid…

2017-07-25 - EE Times India

Tata Power seeks renewable energy boost for Vietnam

The company is currently building the Long Phu 2 thermal power plant, which has a capacity of 1,320MW, in the…

2017-07-25 - EE Times India

Start-up brings solar power to UP village

Oorja, founded by social entrepreneur Amit Saraogi and PhD student Clementine Chambon, has installed an 8kW mini solar grid in…

2017-07-18 - Murata

DC-DC converters meet EN50155 requirements

The IRQ series power modules are suited for railway systems and industrial applications that require power conversation from either 96Vdc…

2017-07-17 - EE Times India

Gov’t to revamp transport with EVs, green fuel use

The government is planning to introduce a fleet of double-decker, air-conditioned, luxury buses that will run on alternative fuel.

2017-07-14 - EE Times India

Tata Power Solar sets up 3MW plant at Noamundi mines

The plant, which is the first of its kind in any iron ore mine in the country, will help reduce…

2017-07-11 - World Economic Forum

Quantum ready: WEF lists 10 emerging tech of 2017

A diverse range of breakthrough technologies could soon be playing a role in tackling the world’s most pressing challenges, according…