2021-02-19 - PIB Delhi

Indian Astronomers Detect Huge Optical Flare in Astronomic Objects

Indian Astronomers have reported one of the strongest flares from a feeding supermassive black hole or blazar called BL Lacertae...

2020-12-25 - Brian Dipert

Create Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas for Engineers

This year’s holiday shopping list for engineers has a distinct home-based vibe to it, "thanks" to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020-12-25 - Bill Schweber

Power Electronics: A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Power electronics is a great subject for demonstrating how a picture — or a graph, table, or chart — can…

2020-12-24 - PIB Delhi

India to Encourage Women Scientists & Technologists

Governor Dr.Tamilisai Soundararajan said that there is a need for increased seats for women in engineering and technical institutions to…

2020-12-11 - TV Venkateswaran

All You Want to Know About the ‘Great Conjunction’

As the speed at which one planet appears to move in the sky are not same, once in a while,…

2020-12-11 - India Science Wire

Bengaluru-based Startup Helps Disabled Drive with the Swivel Seat

Bengaluru-based startup Truce Consulting Services Pvt Ltd has developed an innovation named ‘TurnPlus’, provides the disabled easy entry and exit…

2020-12-02 - PIB Delphi

“Green Charcoal Hackathon” Launched to Reduce Carbon Emissions

NTPC Ltd. & NVNN work towards finding greener solutions for growing air pollution concerns...

2020-11-30 - Majeed Ahmad

What’s on Design Engineers’ Minds in 2020?

What’s on the design engineer’s mind in 2020, the year pundits claim will change the workplace forever with the option…

2020-08-19 - India Science Wire

Study Suggests First Tornado Path from Indian Scientist

The first person to scientifically document a tornado’s path in the history of global meteorology could have been from an…

2020-07-23 - Jyoti Singh

Drug Discovery Hackathon Training Program Launched

The Drug Discovery Hackathon (DDH), 2020 training programme is an online platform to take open source drug discovery to a…