2019-09-20 - George Leopold

Case Study: Lessons on Reliability Hard-Earned

Technology disasters have helped refocus attention on safety and engineering excellence at NASA.

2019-08-13 - Casper Koomen

Blog: Time for an Engineering ‘Hippocratic Oath’

To develop smart cities that serve people, planet and society, engineers might consider adopting a Hippocratic Oath for Engineering to…

2019-06-14 - Loring Wirbel

Engineers Join the Gig Economy

Consider advanced logic design: high-tech specialization was supposed to provide some immunity to being considered a short-term employment prospect

2019-05-16 - Hailey Lynne McKeefry

12 Innovative Tech Concepts Bordering on Sci-Fi

NASA is betting that a dozen nascent ideas from American entrepreneurs may lead to new possibilities in space with a…

2019-05-13 - Brian Santo

Is Architecture Stuck in the Mechanical Era?

All sorts of high-tech solutions were suggested for rebuilding Notre Dame. Hardly anyone in civil engineering can afford all that…

2017-11-21 - Junko Yoshida, EE Times

Women in Tech: 25 Profiles in Persistence

EE Times profiled 25 women in tech. Our goal is to trigger discussions in the workplace, and around the dinner…

2017-09-21 - Victor Gao, Publisher, Aspencore

Engineers Developing High-Tech Solutions To Mitigate Natural Disasters, Aid Relief Efforts

In the coming months, AspenCore will be publishing a series of features online and in print profiling some of the…