2019-07-24 - Takashi Yunogami

Blog: How the Japan-Korea Trade War Impacts the World

By restricting exports of key chemical materials to South Korea, Japan has already done irreparable harm to the global electronics…

2019-07-22 - Rick Merritt

Moore’s Law Splits Opinion

New chip architectures will drive semiconductors beyond what some see as a profound decline in Moore's law said CEOs of…

2019-06-04 - Rick Merritt

Intel Says EUV Ready but Still Faces Challenges

Extreme ultraviolet lithography still faces reliability issues, but it's ready for volume use, Intel's EUV chief said

2019-04-25 - Alan Patterson

TSMC Introduces 6nm process

The Taiwanese foundry is unexpectedly adding a node that provides significant performance gain without having to redesign

2018-10-22 - Rick Merritt

Samsung Nears 7nm Production

EUV production lines hitting their stride at Samsung

2018-10-15 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

Intel Decreases ASML Stake

Lowers its ownership of EUV specialist to less than 3 percent

2018-10-09 - Rick Merritt

TSMC Goes Full EUV on 5nm

Production starts as soon as April

2018-09-03 - Alan Patterson

Intel Not Aiming for Early EUV Leadership

Samsung and TSMC the leaders in EUV tech early on

2018-06-11 - Rick Merritt

IMEC Tech Forum Roundup

Radar, palm print scanners and high-res holograms on list of projects on display in Antwerp

2018-05-30 - Rick Merritt

EUV Nears Production Readiness

The light at the end of the tunnel nears for EUV, as the industry collectively moves closer to production