2021-04-29 - George Leopold

Payment Verifications Driving Facial Recognition

Software-based approaches to facial recognition are making headway, but hardware frameworks are seen boosting authentication and trust.

2020-03-04 - Nitin Dahad

Beating Facial Recognition Cheats

Trinamax's technology can identify any material, including live skin. It should be in Qualcomm smartphones in 2021.

2020-02-05 - Lou Covey

Blog: Facial Recognition Is Not yet a Threat

The availability of facial-recognition technology to governments and law enforcement has been with us for many years and the new…

2020-01-06 - David Benjamin

AI: Made in Our Image

Because AI is so passively absorptive of the data fed into it, it cannot help but reflect the biases —…

2019-10-29 - Sally Ward-Foxton

University Develops AI That Tracks Suspects Between Cameras

Academic paper reveals neural network small enough to fit inside security cameras.