2023-05-15 - PIB India

IIT Delhi Hosts 3rd Semicon India Future DESIGN Road Show

The Semicon India Future Design roadshow aims to encourage innovation, facilitate investment, and catalyze the startup ecosystem in the semiconductor…

2023-03-31 - India Science Wire

IIT Researchers Develop Neurological Hardware with Built-in Memory

IIT researchers have developed a neurological hardware with built-in memory using magnetic materials.

2023-03-14 - Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay Researchers Develop Spintronics-based Neuromorphic Hardware

A research team from IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay has built a new neuromorphic hardware using magnetic materials.

2022-12-22 - IIT Delhi

IIT Delhi Researchers Showcase Over 80 Technologies at 4th Industry Day

IIT Delhi's flagship industry-academia partnership event "Industry Day" focused on future-ready solutions in the field of healthcare technologies, EV research,…

2021-06-08 - India Science Wire

Hydrogen-fueled Spark-ignition Engine Generator for Zero-emission

Researchers at the Engines and Unconventional Fuels Laboratory, IIT Delhi developed a new technology and built a hydrogen fueled spark-ignition…