2021-02-18 - India Science Wire

Scientists Devise New Method for Accelerated Evaporation of Droplets

IIT, Guwahati researchers have developed an advanced technique for rapid evaporation of droplets. It is a novel method of controlling…

2021-02-17 - India Science Wire

Lockdown Reduced Heavy Metal Pollution in Ganga

A team of researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT-Kanpur) has studied the occurrence of dissolved heavy metals…

2021-02-09 - PIB Delhi

Algebraic & Geometric Methods to Speed Up Robust ML Algorithms

This can lead to improved modelling of data arising from certain sources, such as visual observations...

2021-02-02 - India Science Wire

New Security Ink for Protection Bank-Cheques Against Counterfeiting

A group of researchers from the CSIR-NPL has developed a new security ink for bank cheques that is difficult to…

2021-02-01 - India Science Wire

Study Reveals Impact of Covid-19 Lockdown on Local Weather

Researchers at IITM, Pune conducted a study to gain a better understanding about how Covid-19 lockdown will influence local weather…

2021-01-25 - India Science Wire

Scientists Develop Biodegradable Plastic From Marine Seaweed

NIOT researchers have developed a bio-plastic film using marine seaweed and PEG-3000 which could have a huge impact on limiting…

2021-01-22 - PIB-Delphi

India’s Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope Spots Rare UV-bright Stars

India’s first multi-wavelength space satellite, AstroSat’s Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope spots rare ultraviolet-bright stars in a massive intriguing cosmic dinosaur in…

2021-01-21 - India Science Wire

How COVID-19 Vaccination Introduction Training Programs Are Conducted

The COVID-19 vaccination programs are going on throughout the country. But how are these being conducted? How is the manpower…

2021-01-20 - India Science Wire

Affordable Flow Diverter Stent Developed for Aneurysm

SCTIMST and CSIR-NAL have developed an indigenous flow diverter stent that is easily affordable than the imported ones.

2021-01-20 - PIB Delhi

MeitY, AWS to Establish Quantum Computing Applications Lab in India

Pioneering initiative to apply quantum computing to advance India’s science and technology development initiatives and bolster economy; The lab is…