2016-08-23 - Vivek Nanda

Indian Railways officer wins contest with futuristic train proposal

Ashwani Kumar Upadhyaya and Emil Jacob believe they have an electric mass transit idea that beats even monorails and SkyTrain…

2016-08-11 - Gartner

Global information security spending to rise 7.9%

Gartner says that the biggest opportunity for growth will come from security testing, IT outsourcing and data-loss prevention.

2016-08-05 - Junko Yoshida

Jeep hack reveals hole in auto security

Security experts have injected rogue messages into a vehicle’s CAN bus, resulting in a full-speed attack on the Jeep’s steering…

2016-07-25 - None

Indian start-ups seek AI to drive new breakthroughs

AI-focused start-ups have been focusing their energies on the B2B side of things, but there are some that have tried…

2016-07-19 - Junko Yoshida

Hard reality: ‘Open road’ still closed to robotic cars

The glowing future of autonomous driving is really hard to pull off.

2016-07-14 - Stephan Ohr

Tesla fatality: Autopilot or driver error?

We look at the Tesla as if it is supposed to perform miracles, when in fact the crash may have…

2016-07-13 - Susan Nordyk

ICs eliminate need for external voltage dividers

Both controllers offer a programmable minimum-on-time function to ensure reliable operation over a wide range of switching frequencies.

2016-07-12 - Dylan McGrath

Chip sales struggle amidst soft demand, market malaise

Global chip sales hit ₹ 1.74 lakh crore in May, an increase of 0.4% from April. It was the largest…

2016-07-06 - Junko Yoshida

Unified API promises to answer all auto security demands

The self-driving car platform is a battleground from which the big boys—both tech companies like Google and traditional automakers—are unlikely…

2016-07-05 - Junko Yoshida

Tesla’s first fatal crash casts pall at three-way auto event

The accident, currently under investigation by U.S. auto-safety regulators, is likely to direct more scrutiny toward autonomous driving technology, which…