2017-06-07 - Puga Sankara

Coping in the smart machine age

Emerging technologies are already creating an impact in the supply chain and in the workforce. How do we deal with…

2017-06-05 - EE Times India

Tata, Dell build 45m vertical solar farm

The structure is part of the Dell's green initiative and can produce enough energy to power the cafeteria and basement…

2017-06-05 - Richard A. Gottscho

Resolve process variation challenges in multiple patterning

Multiple patterning is an effective method for pitch shrinking now standard in high-volume production. However, as the number of process…

2017-05-24 - Richard A. Gottscho

Enabling advanced ICs with multiple patterning

Advanced patterning techniques overlay multiple patterns of larger dimensions to achieve smaller and/or more tightly packed features.

2017-05-16 - EE Times India

New alliance wants to make LEDs ‘IoT ready’

The IoT-Ready Alliance is working to standardise the key interface characteristics between any luminaire and any IoT sensor.

2017-05-15 - EE Times India

Microsoft brings AI to mainstream software developers

The tech giant has released four new services as part of its Cognitive Services bundle for intelligent app development at…

2017-05-12 - Joe Kochan

What defines a smart city?

Gathering real-time data about distributed systems and giving people the ability to make decisions about that data are at the…

2017-05-11 - Gary Hilson

Intel pushes for 3D NAND with cloud-inspired SSDs

The new 3D NAND SSDs are designed for cloud data centre scenarios, but those conditions apply to more than cloud…

2017-05-11 - EE Times India

Blockchain success poised to go beyond cryptocurrency

The emergence of blockchain-based applications is driving substantial investment in IoT-oriented projects.

2017-05-03 - Vivek Nanda

Synapse to add 200 engineers at Ranchi

When Synapse acquired Ranchi-based Asilicon last month, they announced a plan to add 200 engineers to Ranchi's 80. *EE Times…