2020-10-27 - PIB Delhi

Waste to Wealth: Sustainable Processing of Municipal Solid Waste

The CSIR-CMERI developed Municipal Solid Waste Processing Facility has not only helped achieving decentralized decimation of solid wastes, but has…

2020-10-23 - India Science Wire

Rapid PCR Kit to Detect Multi Drug Resistant Bacteria

Scientists at NIOT, Port Blair have developed a highly effective kit to detect the multi drug resistant (MDR) strains of…

2020-10-21 - PIB Delhi

NITI Aayog & AWS Launch India’s First Cloud Innovation Center

First Amazon Web Services cloud innovation center in India; will spur innovation in agriculture, healthcare, education, infrastructure & governance

2020-10-15 - India Science Wire

Study Finds UV Light Associated with Decreased Disease Growth of COVID-19

A recent study by University of Connecticut has revealed that the Ultra Violet (UV) light, in particular, is associated with…

2020-10-14 - India Science Wire

‘Dare to Dream 2.0’ to Promote Innovators and Startups

The ‘Dare to Dream 2.0’ is an open challenge to promote the innovators and startups for innovations in defence and…

2020-10-07 - PIB Delhi

Study Suggests New Formula to Help Estimate the Mass of Black Hole

Scientists have found the formula that can assess the spectrum emitted from the accretion discs around black holes. Spectra of…

2020-10-06 - PIB Delhi

Scientists Uncover Clue of How First EUV Light Appeared

There are indeed many compelling stories of profound science resulting from India's active international collaborations in the frontier areas with…

2020-10-05 - India Science Wire

IIT Delhi Startups Launch Affordable Antiviral Protection Kit

IIT Delhi incubated startups E-TEX and Clensta have teamed up and launched a complete antiviral protection kit for the masses…

2020-09-29 - PIB Delhi

Scientists Stabilize Gold In Non-Cubic Lattice, Unfurling Efficient Catalytic Properties of Metal

Scientists from JNCASR of DST, have stabilized gold in non-cubic lattice, unfurling efficient catalytic properties of the metal...

2020-09-28 - DST

Low-cost Approach Upscales & Produces highly Conducting Graphene

Scientists of JNCASR of DST develop a new low cost method of upscaling most conductive material‘graphene’ while preserving its single…