February 3, 2020 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

Haptics: Getting a Feel for the Market Trends

The global haptic component market will be worth $4.8 billion by 2030, according to research firm IDTechEx.

January 9, 2020 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

Driver Safety to be Enhanced with Piezo Haptic Feedback

Boréas Technologies is rolling out what it claims is the first low-power high-voltage piezoelectric driver IC to enable high-definition haptic…

November 13, 2019 - Nitin Dahad

eSilicon to Be Split Between Synopsys and Inphi

eSilicon will sell most of its business to Inphi for $216M. Synopsys will purchase its embedded memory IP.

October 22, 2019 - Junko Yoshida

The Story Behind Pixel 4’s Motion Sense

Google's Pixel 4 is the first smartphone to feature a radar IC. We spoke with the Infineon, which supplied the…

October 21, 2019 - Nitin Dahad

Brain Implant Mobilises Tetraplegic

28-year old tetraplegic can use all four limbs using device developed in brain control interface project.

October 14, 2019 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

Internet Giants Smart Devices to Boost MEMS Demand

Alibaba, Google, and other big names are interested in MEMS. The technology is an opportunity and a challenge.

September 27, 2019 - Judith Cheng

Taiwan Startup Takes on Gesture Recognition Challenge

Google is on the verge of introducing gesture recognition with its Pixel 4 phones, but KaiKuTek of Taiwan has created…

August 22, 2019 - Clover Lee

$140 Smart Water Bottle?

Smart water bottles are designed to entice children to drink more water, but they aren't all that smart, and the…

August 6, 2019 - Bill Schweber

Blog: Universal Connectors Not Happening

USB was supposed to take us away from the frustration of so many incompatible barrel-DC connectors, but technical and market…

July 29, 2019 - Nitin Dahad

Blog: The FANGs Challenging IC Suppliers

Internet platform giants are all interested in custom silicon. Impatient, and with deep pockets, they're getting more prone to going…