2016-11-07 - Toshiba

Spinex architecture connects machines to cloud

The IoT architecture has three main components: edge computing, digital twin and media intelligence.

2016-11-07 - Max Maxfield

China-backed Canyon Bridge buys Lattice for ₹8,666 crore

There is no technology play in the case of Canyon Bridge acquisition of Lattice—this is purely a financial play.

2016-10-31 - Christoph Hammerschmidt

Why Qualcomm’s NXP takeover is ‘absolutely right’

The move enables the combined NXP-Qualcomm company to make a big leap forward in areas like ADAS and automotive connectivity.

2016-10-31 - Christoph Hammerschmidt

NXP deal propels Qualcomm into automotive chip world league

NXP, which only relatively recently had concluded the takeover of its rival Freescale, has now itself been swallowed by a…

2016-10-24 - Rick Merritt, Junko Yoshida

Cat M1, NB1 standards prep for 2017 rollout

The Cat M1 standard delivers up to 380Kbits/second over a 1.4MHz channel. NB-1 handles up to 40Kbits/s over 200kHz channels.

2016-10-21 - Broadcom

Expanded 802.11ac portfolio enables video over Wi-Fi

The BCM4366E implements DoubleZero Acceleration for wireless video delivery, enabling zero packet loss and zero host CPU consumption.

2016-10-02 - Nick Flaherty

Wind River revives JEFF Java file format for IoT

Micro Runtime executes bytecodes in the JEFF format, bringing all dependencies and libraries into one file.

2016-09-30 - Rick Merritt

Under the hood of GE’s industrial Internet

EE Times gets a virtual look under the hood of GE's designs geared for an industrial Internet of Things.

2016-09-21 - Sachidananda Karanth

Build cyber-physical systems for Industry 4.0

The 4th industrial revolution calls for cyber-physical systems, networking and smart software.

2016-09-21 - Sachidananda Karanth

Use Sitara AM437x for IoT-based industrial gateway

Here's an implementation of an IoT-enabled home/office automation controller using an IoT-SDK.