2022-12-30 - PIB Delhi

Scientists Develop New Artificial Nanostructures for IR Absorption Technologies

A new method to confine and absorb infrared (IR) light with GaN nanostructures can help develop highly efficient infrared absorbers, emitters,…

2022-07-11 - TrendForce

Global Automotive Lighting Product Market Expected to Grow 4% in 2022

Although demand in the car market will decline in 2022 due to the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war and China's…

2021-01-28 - TrendForce

Mini LED Chip Revenue Likely to Reach US$270M in 2021

Mini LED chip revenue likely to reach US$270 Million in 2021 as battle over Mini LED backlight TV specs takes…

2021-01-13 - Sally Ward-Foxton

CES 2021: Samsung Puts Robot Vacuums Center Stage

A lidar-powered vacuum cleaner that can also pet-sit? Welcome to CES 2021!

2020-12-14 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Solid-State Two-Wire LED Dimmer for Intelligent Control

Amber Solutions has introduced a solid-state two-wire dimmer solution that works without a neutral wire...

2020-12-07 - Christine Liu

Horticultural LED Revenue Expected to Grow by Nearly 40% in 2020

Global yearly horticultural LED revenue is expected to reach US $158 million in 2020, a 39.7% increase YoY, while COVID-19…

2020-10-08 - PIB Delhi

CeNS Scientists Find New Insights into LEDs Emitting High-Quality White Light

Scientists at CeNS found that though nanocrystals of inorganic chemicals caesium lead halide show the promise of white light emission...

2020-09-30 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

Aledia Plans to Start Production of GaN-On-Si microLED by 2022

Aledia has announced its intention to build a production site in Champagnier, in the Grenoble metropolitan area. The plan is…

2020-08-10 - India Science Wire

Nanoparticle Meta-Grid Could Make LEDs More Energy-Efficient

Researchers from the IIT-Guwahati and Imperial College London, UK, have developed a tailored ‘meta-grid’ of nanoparticles that could make LEDs…

2020-07-31 - TrendForce

Micro/Mini LED Revenue to Reach $4.2 Billion in 2024

Total Micro/Mini LED revenue is projected to reach upwards of US$4.2 billion in 2024.