2021-03-26 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

CEA-Leti Working on OPAs to Develop Cost-effective and Compact LiDARs

CEA-Leti has been working on optical phased arrays (OPAs) to produce cost-effective and compact LiDARs.

2021-03-19 - Jacopo Alaimo and Filip Geuens

The Future of Automotive LiDARs

The "solid-state" definition has been used to classify different types of LiDARs leading to some confusion also within the LiDAR…

2021-03-04 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Quanergy Enhances OPA-based Lidar Performance to 100m

Quanergy's latest iteration of its OPA lidar has a range of about 100 meters, which the company plans to double…

2021-02-25 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

GaN ToF Laser Drivers Power the Next-Gen LiDAR

EPC's new lidars integrate the device driver directly with the GaN laser. This configuration…

2021-02-01 - Strategy Analytics

LiDAR Creates Richer Contextually-Aware User Experiences

LiDAR has potential to help consumers be more socially connected and more creative in augmented and virtual worlds...

2020-10-23 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

LiDAR Market Promising, But Faces Headwinds

LiDAR acts as an eye with a 360° view, and many autonomous-vehicle developers have been using it to build a…

2020-09-25 - Stephen Las Marias

ST Enabling Automotive Growth with Latest MEMS and Sensors

STMicroelectronics discusses the different levels of vehicle automation, and how they are enabling the industry on its journey towards autonomous…

2020-09-01 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

A Novel Solution to Keep Social Distancing: 3D LiDAR

An optoelectronics company specializing in in 3D detection with lidar, has developed a system that monitors the flow of people…

2019-12-25 - Gina Roos

Top 5 Component Predictions For 2020

A forecast of what to look out among electronic products for in the coming year.

2019-05-13 - Brian Santo

Is Architecture Stuck in the Mechanical Era?

All sorts of high-tech solutions were suggested for rebuilding Notre Dame. Hardly anyone in civil engineering can afford all that…