2019-06-04 - Rick Merritt

Intel Says EUV Ready but Still Faces Challenges

Extreme ultraviolet lithography still faces reliability issues, but it's ready for volume use, Intel's EUV chief said

2018-05-30 - Rick Merritt

EUV Nears Production Readiness

The light at the end of the tunnel nears for EUV, as the industry collectively moves closer to production

2018-04-10 - Jonas Klar, EE Times Asia

Photomask Expenditures Growing

13 percent annual expenditure growth in 2017 projected to be followed by further record years

2018-03-26 - Rick Merritt

Life After 5nm

2nm might not be worth it, thanks to law of diminishing returns

2018-03-19 - Ryan Shrout

Blog: Foundry Pursues Custom Path

SkyWater produces 90nm wafers, and intends to stick to it

2018-03-02 - Rick Merritt

3nm 64-bit CPU Tapeout Expected in 2018

Cadence, Imec hard at work with 3nm process using EUV and immersion lithography

2018-02-27 - Rick Merritt

5nm Node EUV Proving Troublesome

Perilous random defects appear on the road to 5 and 3 nanometer chip production

2018-02-18 - Vivek Bakshi

Challenges and Milestones in EUV

EUV lithography faces short-term gains and long-term challenges in resist, actinic inspection, mask and mask pellicles and light sources.

2018-01-19 - Nitin Dahad, EE Times

EUV Backlog Grows as ASML Sets Sales Record

CEO says preparation to insert next-generation EUV lithography into volume manufacturing "shifted into a higher gear" last year.