2023-05-31 - MediaTek Inc.

MediaTek and NVIDIA to Collaborate on Full-scale Product Roadmap for Automotive Industry

MediaTek and NVIDIA are partnering on a complete range of in-vehicle AI cabin solutions for the next generation of software-defined…

2023-01-11 - MediaTek Inc.

MediaTek Powers Adoption of 5G, Future Tech Across Smart Phones, Device Ecosystem in India

As India enters its watershed moment of 5G adoption in 2023, MediaTek is well on track to drive 5G adoption…

2023-01-10 - Newsvoir

Industry Leaders See 2023 as a Year of Technology Revolution in India

Industry leaders expect 2023 to be a milestone year, a bedrock for future technology innovations across sectors.

2022-05-12 - MediaTek Inc.

MediaTek Launches AIoT Chip, Platform Stack

MediaTek has unveiled its new Genio platform for AIoT devices and introduced Genio 1200, the first chip designed for premium…

2022-04-29 - MediaTek

MediaTek Enabling Enhanced 5G Experiences Across Smart Devices Ecosystem in India

MediaTek is enabling enhanced 5G experiences across the smart device ecosystem in India including smartphones, smart devices, gaming, and connectivity…

2021-12-23 - MediaTek Inc.

MediaTek Launches Dimensity 9000 Flagship Chip

Built on the leading TSMC N4 process, Dimensity 9000 brings full flagship performance and power-efficiency to smartphones.

2021-12-07 - MediaTek

MediaTek to Enhance India 5G Prospects in 2022

MediaTek targets expansion of India footprint and portfolio growth with a comprehensive range of mainstream, premium and flagship products.