2017-03-17 - Assocham

India poised to emerge as leader in AI augmented ops

However, says an Assocham-PwC paper, there needs to be close collaboration among the academia, the private sector and the public…

2017-03-16 - ARM

C/C++ toolchain steers ADAS safety wheels

Compiler 6 delivers ADAS safety, runtime, compute power tools and warrants minimal memory footprint and energy efficiency for medical devices.

2017-03-09 - University of Bristol

3D-printed metamaterial bends sound waves

The material is made up of tiny bricks, which can be designed to bend, shape and focus sound waves in…

2017-03-02 - Jaswinder Ahuja

Cadence: Key trends that fuel ESDM growth

Disruptive geo-political situations notwithstanding, Cadence's Ahuja is optimistic about technology in 2017 and identifies key trends and drivers that will…

2017-02-28 - EE Times India

Bittium reveals mobile software, gear at MWC

Bittium has rolled out security solutions, hardware and health-monitoring devices in lieu of mobile communications and measurement data apps.

2017-02-28 - Bill Schweber

Microbatteries power electronics in humans, fish

There are applications where unusual chemistries, construction and form factor are priorities, such as safely powering devices inside humans.

2017-02-27 - Roland Berger

Falling prices plague smart sensor sales growth

Global smart sensors sakes are expected to double to 30 billion units by 2020, but the industry is plagued by…

2017-02-23 - Duke Global Health Institute

Pocket colposcope addresses women healthcare needs

Using a human-centred design process, Duke aims to develop a more woman-centric screening and treatment options available.

2017-02-23 - Duke Global Health Institute

Mobile colposcope makes cervical cancer testing handy

A team from Duke University has developed a pocket colposcope that can capture images and transmit to smartphone, tablet or…

2017-02-03 - Binghamton University

Heartbeat could replace passwords for health records

Researchers at Binghamton University have encrypted patient data using a person’s unique ECG as the key to lock and unlock…