2017-01-17 - Peter Clarke

Drone sensor covers measuring range up to 1,250hPA

By measuring barometric pressure, the BMP380 enables drones and other mobile devices to accurately determine altitude changes indoor and outdoor.

2017-01-13 - Linear Technology

Boost DC/DC controller provides up to 97% efficiency

LTC3897’s low 55μA quiescent current in Burst Mode extends battery operating life and minimises power loss at light loads.

2017-01-04 - Graham Prophet

NFMI-based MiGLO streams audio at less than 4mW

NXH2280 operates from a 1V supply and consumes 1.5mW when audio is streamed in a truly wireless earbud application, according…

2016-12-30 - Tufts University

Silk-based material gets bio-inspired functions

Silk's crystalline structure makes it one of nature's toughest materials, while fibroin can protect other materials while being fully biodegradable.

2016-12-23 - NXP Semiconductors

NXP adds NFMI capability to wireless earbuds

NFMI-based MiGLO products are capable of streaming high quality audio ear-to-ear at less than 4mW, according to NXP.

2016-12-20 - Steve Subiry

Wired supply: The basics of magnetic components

Magnetics are passive components that use an internal magnetic field to change the phase of electrical current. They are commonly…

2016-12-20 - Steve Subiry

How transformers work: An overview

Transformers do not generate electrical power. They transfer electrical power from one AC circuit to another using magnetic coupling.

2016-12-15 - Mary Shacklett

OEMs to add 3D printing to manufacturing roadmaps

Mary Shacklett of Transworld Data details how electronics OEMs are exploring use of 3D printing in printed circuit boards and…

2016-11-29 - Vivek Nanda

NXP integrates Mindtree IP in MCU

NXP's Kinetis KW41Z microcontroller incorporates MindTree's 4.2 Bluetooth Smart IP, BlueLitE.

2016-11-24 - Linear Technology

USB µModule transceiver provides 7500VRMS isolation

The LTM2894 also provides 17.4mm of creepage, a separation distance that allows medical equipment to operate from mains voltages greater…