2017-05-02 - EE Times India

FPGA design suite offers mixed language simulation

The Libero SoC tool suite includes the Mentor Graphics ModelSim Simulator, which allows line by line verification of hardware description…

2017-04-18 - EE Times India

PIN diode VVAs attenuate from 400MHz to 18GHz

The modules display VSWR over all attenuation levels and CW input power is rated up to 23dBm, according to Fairview…

2017-04-10 - EE Times India

SMT inductors meet military’s level M failure rating

Level M represents the first level of failure for off-the-shelf inductors for high-reliability applications.

2017-03-17 - Assocham

India poised to emerge as leader in AI augmented ops

However, says an Assocham-PwC paper, there needs to be close collaboration among the academia, the private sector and the public…

2017-03-08 - Paul Dillien

Xilinx takes the lead in 2016 FPGA land

Last year was a difficult one to call for semiconductor revenue but it has also seen a lot of changes…

2017-03-02 - Jaswinder Ahuja

Cadence: Key trends that fuel ESDM growth

Disruptive geo-political situations notwithstanding, Cadence's Ahuja is optimistic about technology in 2017 and identifies key trends and drivers that will…

2017-02-20 - Peter Clarke

US adds MEMS, sensors to military ordnance

ARDEC has introduced a bullet equipped with wireless sensor nodes and uses MEMS as primer.

2017-02-15 - IDT

IDT drops ₹1,700 crore to buy IC vendor GigPeak

GigPeak offers optical interface products for communications, cloud data centre and military as well as aviation markets.

2017-02-07 - Julien Happich

Upconversion enables near IR visibility

Researchers from Kyushu University have demonstrated a direct upconversion mechanism that allows naked eyes to "see" near infrared using a…

2016-12-30 - Steve Taranovich

Can electronics deter illegal seizures, IP theft?

What forms of intellectual property and technology protection may be deployed in underwater drones?