2021-05-12 - Giovanni D'Amore

Millimeter-Wave Technology—The Turbo of the Information Age

The use cases of mmWave technology in multi-gigabit connectivity, high-throughput satellite, automotive radar, and extended reality.

2020-05-22 - Nitin Dahad

CEA-Leti Explores mmWave Bands for 6G

Research explores optimized RF circuits to address D-band frequencies for beyond-5G and 6G...

2019-12-04 - Brian Santo

Cadence Consolidates RF Design with Latest Acquisition

For $160 million, Cadence will get board- and system-level RF design capabilities to complement its circuit-level RF expertise.

2019-11-27 - Nitin Dahad

Carbon Nanotube Tech Exceed 100 GHz for RF Applications

Carbon nanotubes are becoming a serious competitor to silicon in almost all areas of microelectronics.

2019-10-22 - Junko Yoshida

The Story Behind Pixel 4’s Motion Sense

Google's Pixel 4 is the first smartphone to feature a radar IC. We spoke with the Infineon, which supplied the…

2019-07-05 - Martin Rowe

Blog: 5G Health Risks

The possible risks from the deployment of 5G small cells are examined in a series of articles by Larry Desjardin.…

2019-05-31 - Rick Merritt

Small-Cell Base Stations Getting Traction

Small-cell base stations are getting traction mainly for LTE networks, but technical and business challenges could limit their growth

2019-05-21 - Prakash Sangam

Blog: Get Ready to Embrace 5G

A wireless analyst and former Qualcomm product marketer explains his passion for the new Samsung 5G handset

2019-05-01 - Rick Merritt

The Key Segments for 5G Smartphones

The 5G smartphone market should be analyzed by its three distinctly different segments, says a veteran semiconductor analyst.

2019-04-01 - Alejandro Buritica, NI

OTA Testing Accelerates 5G Adoption

As the industry moves closer to the commercial availability of 5G technology, industry players are looking to manage test and…