2020-10-05 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

Startup Secures $11M Funding for SOT-MRAM

France-based Antaios announced it has raised $11 million in funding for developing SOT-MRAM that can potentially replace embedded non-volatile memory…

2019-12-13 - Gary Hilson

Toggle MRAM Prepares for 5G

Everspin brings 32-Mb Toggle MRAM to market and maintains its position as the leading Toggle MRAM player.

2019-09-04 - Gary Hilson

MRAM’s Success is Reliant on Overcoming Manufacturing Challenges

MRAM's manufacturing challenges are unique relative to other emerging memories.

2019-02-21 - Dylan McGrath

Intel Announces that Embedded MRAM is Production Ready

Intel have given further details on its technique for embedding spin-transfer torque (STT)-MRAM into devices

2018-11-14 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

ARM and Applied Funds MRAM Effort

Spin Memory gets $52 million series B funding from heavyweights

2018-05-02 - Gary Hilson

Precessional Spin Current Boosts MRAM

Spin Transfer Technologies' proprietary tech boosts MRAM spin torque efficiency by 40 to 70 percent.

2018-03-29 - Gary Hilson

eVaderis, GlobalFoundries Aggressive on MRAM

MRAM emergence helps MCU design