2017-05-12 - Rick Merritt

DSL pioneer shoots for terabit future

Terabit DSL may be used to mitigate the need for running fibre to the home as well as to carry…

2017-05-04 - EE Times India

Australia hits 1Gbps speed in fixed wireless trials

By combining seven 3.4GHz carrriers, state-owned nbn has achieved 1.1Gbps downlink and 165Mbps upstream speeds.

2017-04-27 - Sameh Boujelbene

400G set to be next Ethernet speed for data centres

The industry is making good strides to prevent a repeat of the missteps in the 40G generation.

2017-02-21 - Julien Happich

Lime, Canonical launch crowdfunding for LimeNET dev’t

The unit, based on an Intel i7 processor and LimeSDR PCIe card, is a high capacity network in a box…

2017-02-21 - ENEA

DPI library eases network, security development

ENEA’s QosmosixEngine 5.3 DPI library aims to embed detailed, real-time visibility into networking and security products.

2017-02-15 - IDT

IDT drops ₹1,700 crore to buy IC vendor GigPeak

GigPeak offers optical interface products for communications, cloud data centre and military as well as aviation markets.

2017-02-09 - IDT

mmWave modem delivers multi-gigabit data rates

The RWM6050, IDT’s 10Gbps-class mmWave, features dual modem and mixed-signal front-end integration for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint links.

2017-01-11 - Orange Tree Technologies

ZestDAQ software simplifies DAQ, control apps

ZestDAQ provides common IP interfaces across multiple boards, which simplifies the porting of designs between USB and Ethernet modules.

2016-12-26 - Kevin Deierling

25 is the new 10: 2017 predictions for networking

The 10Gbit/second Ethernet market will peak in 2017 and start to decline in 2018, pushed aside by 25, 50 and…

2016-11-24 - Linear Technology

USB µModule transceiver provides 7500VRMS isolation

The LTM2894 also provides 17.4mm of creepage, a separation distance that allows medical equipment to operate from mains voltages greater…