2016-11-10 - NXP Semiconductors

Modular IoT gateway connects end node devices to cloud

The solution addresses stringent network security requirements to protect user and system data through encrypted wireless communications.

2016-10-21 - Broadcom

Expanded 802.11ac portfolio enables video over Wi-Fi

The BCM4366E implements DoubleZero Acceleration for wireless video delivery, enabling zero packet loss and zero host CPU consumption.

2016-10-19 - Rick Merritt

28GHz modem set for pre-standard 5G trials

The Snapdragon X50 delivers 5Gbits/second downlinks and multiple gigabit uplinks for mobile and fixed-wireless networks.

2016-10-19 - Rick Merritt

Why 3GPP debates are dragging beyond midnight

Qualcomm is proposing a suite of OFDM techniques for a variety of 5G use cases except large IoT deployments.