2018-11-15 - Rick Merritt

Intel XMM 8160 Supports LTE and 2/3G

Integrated modem looks set to hit market in 2020

2018-10-18 - Rick Merritt

ARM Shoots for the Cloud

Not giving up on server plans, revamps roadmap to include infrastructure gear

2018-10-17 - Rick Merritt

60GHz Networking Gets a Boost

Qualcomm announces chips for the updated 802.11ay 60GHz WiFi standards

2018-10-01 - Sufia Tippu

Indians Consume 1GB Data/Day, Up from 4GB a Month 20 Months Ago

Chinese and Indian handset makers with affordable handsets & 4G catalyse data usage

2018-08-31 - Sufia Tippu

Reliance’s JioGigaFiber to Disrupt Broadband in India

Wireless and mobile networks take a back seat as Reliance gets in on the wired market

2018-08-14 - Sufia Tippu

Indian 5G Rollout Pushed Back to 2022

Initial 2020 target is no more - but it's not all bad

2018-07-29 - Sufia Tippu

Indians Lack Router Security Knowledge – Avast Report

Only 44 percent of users change router login credentials

2018-07-23 - Rick Merritt

WiFi Going 6GHz

Next-gen spec work starts in May

2018-07-17 - Sufia Tippu

Indian Mobile Internet Speeds Alarmingly Low

No improvements in 4G data transfer rates over the last year, average remains at 6.1Mbps

2018-06-27 - Rick Merritt

IoT Set for Network Evolution

LPWA, LoRa and NB-IoT all jostling for position as IoT matures