2019-11-04 - EE Times

NI Appoint New CEO

CEO Alex Davern to step down January 31, 2020.

2017-08-17 - MIT, Tata Centre for Technology and Design

Start-up wants to improve power plants’ water use

MIT researchers Kripa Varanasi, Maher Damak and Karim Khalil have developed a technology that uses electrical fields to recapture up…

2017-08-17 - Supermicro

Supermicro rolls 1U petabyte NVMe system

The NVMe solution applies a new “ruler” form factor for Intel SSDs, which Supermicro claims provides more than double the…

2017-08-16 - Denso

Sub-mmWave sensor fixes driver blind spot

The 24GHz band radar sensor is strategically built into the rear bumper of the vehicle to detect other vehicles likely…

2017-08-16 - Multitest

Contactor design proves RF performance

Multitest claims the Link HB contactor has demonstrated boardside compliance with increased contact reliability and multisite stability at customer facilities.

2017-08-15 - Purdue University

Featherweight material combines strength, conductivity

Graphene would ordinarily degrade when exposed to high temperature, but a featherweight metamaterial combines high strength with electrical conductivity and…

2017-08-14 - Wolfspeed

SiC MOSFET ref design tops 80+ Titanium rating

Wolfspeed's reference design has demonstrated the implementation of a totem-pole PFC topology in a 2kW bridgeless power supply, with actual…

2017-08-14 - AMD

AMD adds 3 CPUs to Ryzen Threadripper line-up

The Ryzen Threadripper 1950X delivers multi-processing power with support for 16 cores and 32 processing threads, while the Ryzen Threadripper…

2017-08-11 - Broadcom

SoC targets data centres with 100G NVMe-oF

The data centre SoCs integrate Broadcom's NetXtreme Ethernet controller and TruFlow packet processing technology.

2017-08-11 - Technavio

5G will bring VoIM base evolution

VoLTE's major product segment, Voice over IP Multimedia Subsystem (VoIM), will expand with 5G networks, and virtualisation and 'cloudification' of…