2023-05-05 - Nexperia

Nexperia Reports 10.7% Revenue Growth for 2022

Nexperia has reported total revenue of $2.36 billion for 2022, up by 10.7% YoY, mainly driven by automotive and industrial…

2023-04-28 - Nexperia

Nexperia Launches 650V SiC Diodes for Power Conversion Applications

Nexperia's 650V SiC Schottky diode addresses the challenges of demanding high voltage and high current applications.

2023-04-14 - Nexperia

Nexperia ASFETs Enable 60% Footprint Reduction

Nexperia's application-specific MOSFETs feature enhanced safe operating area in a compact 8x8 mm LFPAK88 package.

2023-04-07 - Nexperia

Nexperia Energy Harvesting PMICs Enable Up to 90% BOM Cost Savings

Nexperia's latest PMICs simplify and enhance the performance of low-power IoT and other embedded applications.