2017-01-18 - Rick Merritt

Silicon Summit: Experts peer into the future of semicon

Chip makers may have to move to gate-all-around transistors somewhere around 2020 as device structures approach atomic limits.

2016-12-14 - Synopsys

Synopsys VIP test suite targets high-res displays

Synopsys has introduced the Verification IP (VIP) and source code test suite for DisplayPort 1.4, which features DSC 1.2 and…

2016-12-06 - International Data Corporation

Global tablet shipments forecast to drop 12% in 2016

The market is expected to rebound in 2018, though growth will remain in the low single digits as detachable tablets…

2016-11-21 - Carolyn Mathas

LEDs on metal foils purify water, sterilise equipment

Researchers have leveraged molecular beam epitaxy to achieve water purification, whereby vapourised elemental materials settle on a surface and move…

2016-11-09 - CMOSIS

48MP CMOS image sensor supports 8K resolution

The CMV50000 is a 35mm format 48MP sensor with 7920 x 6002 4.6µm sized pixels using the patented 8-transistor pixel…

2016-11-02 - ARM

ARM rolls out chip cores for low-power VR apps

Mali-V61 is a multi-standard video processor with VP9 encode, while Mali-G51 graphics processor extends Bifrost architecture to mainstream devices.

2016-10-13 - Intersil

Low-power gamma buffer IC targets ADAS displays

The ISL76534 provides one Vcom and 14 gamma channels with 10-bit resolution for fine-tuning the gamma curve.

2016-10-12 - Carolyn Mathas

Sizing up health risks of sleep-disturbing LEDs

The American Medical Association is cautioning cities to recommend LEDs with colour temperature no bluer than 3000K and to minimise…

2016-10-11 - Carolyn Mathas

Graphene layers build quantum LEDs

Graphene Flagship researchers have created an all-electrical quantum LED with single-photon emission.

2016-10-04 - R. Colin Johnson

Iris, facial recognition may obsolete passwords

A company has built a suite of algorithms that can eliminate the need for smartphone passwords with face- and iris-recognition.