2019-12-31 - Barbara Jorgensen

2019: A Year of Disruption for the Supply Chain

In one year, the electronics supply chain saw a level of disruption that once took decades to achieve. The 1990s…

2019-04-24 - Marianne Kolbasuk McGee

Thermal Control Systems in Space

Thermal verification, based on the performance of the overall system, should be carried out in the initial design phase

2019-01-24 - Martin Rowe

Failed Capacitors Down DVD Recorders

A capacitor failure in a DVD recorder required replacement. That's what happens with old electronics.

2017-07-07 - TDK

TDK increases 3D transponder coil sensitivity

The B82453CA 3D transponder coil series for automotive passive entry-passive start applications has 20% higher sensitivity levels compared to its…

2017-05-03 - EE Times India

230°C tantalum capacitors offer 2,000-hour lifetime

The capacitors are available with capacitance values spanning 6.8µF to 100µF and voltage ratings spanning 16V to 63V.

2017-04-13 - Vivek Nanda

CUI enhances Peltier module reliability

CUI's Peltier modules use a proprietary 'arcTEC' structure improved reliability, performance and cycle life.

2017-02-17 - Murata

Digital PoL converters boost FPGA, processor power

Murata’s OKDx-T/90 digital PoL converter has non-linear transient response that reduces Vout deviation due to large load changes.

2017-01-19 - TDK

Low-loss thin-film inductors deliver 2.6A rated

TDK’s TFM160808ALC thin-film inductors have maximum DC resistance of 62mΩ that is 30% lower than existing TFM160808ALM.

2017-01-03 - Stello Matteo Billè

Achieve accurate current sensing in 3-phase inverters

Accurate motor current measurement is essential for satisfactory drive performance in home appliances. Here tips on designing current sensing circuits…

2016-12-20 - Steve Subiry

Wired supply: The basics of magnetic components

Magnetics are passive components that use an internal magnetic field to change the phase of electrical current. They are commonly…