2019-11-05 - Alan Patterson

GlobalFoundries & TSMC Resolve Patent Dispute

The settlement between the two appears to be a David vs. Goliath victory for the smaller foundry (GF) gaining access…

2019-09-04 - Barbara Jorgensen

Blog: GlobalFoundries Attempt at Harassing TSMC Customers

Distributors have no direct influence on technologies associated with their suppliers' components, but GlobalFoundries' goal could be to irritate TSMC…

2019-09-02 - Alan Patterson

GlobalFoundries/TSMC Spat Hurts the Industry

The legal battles are going to drag out for a long time. It's hard to see how these lawsuits are…

2019-08-30 - Nitin Dahad

GlobalFoundries Files Multiple Lawsuits Against TSMC

GlobalFoundries files multiple lawsuits in the U.S. and Germany alleging semiconductor manufacturing technologies used by TSMC infringe 16 GF patents.

2019-05-31 - Rick Merritt

Q’comm Cries Foul in Appeal

Qualcomm argued that an injunction against its cellular patent licensing practices could hurt U.S. security given its leadership in 5G