2022-10-17 - Brett Brune

Software, AI Top of Mind in Omron’s New 3D AOI System

In a bid to conquer reflection issues experienced during PCB solder-joint inspection, Omron upped the ante with its 3D AOI…

2022-01-17 - Dixon Technologies (India) Ltd

Dixon and Rexxam Sign JV Agreement for Manufacture of PCBs for AC Units

Dixon has entered into a joint venture agreement with Rexxam on the manufacture of PCBs for air-conditioning units.

2020-03-26 - Brian Santo

EDA Sector Cools Off in Q4

The design industry grew over 8% last year, and it might weather the coronavirus downturn. Separately, the SIA said IC…

2019-11-12 - M. Di Paolo Emilio

The Importance of Thermal Management for Power Devices

The Cadence Celsius Thermal Solver is the first complete electric-thermal co-simulation solution for the entire hierarchy of electronic systems, from…

2019-05-28 - Barbara Jorgensen

How the Trade War is Disrupting the Supply Chain

President Trump's tariffs were blunt instruments to force other countries to drop their trade barriers. What if they're permanent?

2019-04-17 - Junko Yoshida

Teardown: Huawei’s P30 Pro

Huawei today launched in China its P30 and P30 Pro smartphones In a flash sale that was reportedly over in…

2017-09-19 - Max Teodorescu, Aspencore

Conductive Paint Is Not Just a Toy

Spurred by the growth of low-cost, additive 3D- printing, conductive inks have regained attention in recent years despite having existed…