2019-08-09 - Rick Merritt

Microsoft, Google Gravitate to AMD’s Rome

Google and Microsoft said they will use Rome, AMD's latest x86 processors battling for Intel's lucrative server market.

2019-08-08 - Karl Freund

Blog: Small Card, Big Message

The benchmarks and the ecosystem that was announced along with the Alveo U50 comprise a significant milestone in Xilinx's data…

2019-08-02 - Rick Merritt

Startup Claims Edge in Performance, Price, Size

InnoGrit debuts with a family of three controllers for solid-state drives, one with an embedded inference accelerator.

2019-06-19 - Dylan McGrath

Chiplet Ecosystem Gathering Momentum

Momentum is gathering for the heterogeneous integration of chiplets from multiple vendors in a system-in-package

2019-05-24 - Rick Merritt

News FPGAs Target Xilinx’s Versal, Intel’s Agilex

The Speedster7t high-end FPGA family is geared for deep learning and aims to be simpler and lower-cost than Xilinx's Versal…