2017-07-03 - EE Times India

Step-down regulator maintains 400mV dropout voltage

The LT8609S’s synchronous rectification delivers efficiency as high as 93% with a switching frequency of 2MHz, according to Analog Devices.

2017-06-06 - Bill Schweber

Pitfalls of Li-ion battery pack testing

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco has given rise to new discussions, ideas and configurations that could help in testing…

2017-05-24 - STMicroelectronics

VHV super-junction MOSFETs boost power density

The MDmesh DK5 power MOSFETs help designers enhance efficiency and increase power density through fewer parallel components in converters.

2017-05-03 - EE Times India

230°C tantalum capacitors offer 2,000-hour lifetime

The capacitors are available with capacitance values spanning 6.8µF to 100µF and voltage ratings spanning 16V to 63V.

2017-04-19 - EE Times India

1GHz choke targets automotive power over coax

Qualified to AEC-Q200, the ADL3225V has a DC resistance of 0.9Ω, according to TDK.

2017-04-03 - Vivek Nanda

Hitachi to help cut AIIMS energy bill

Hitachi will implement the Green Hospital Demonstration Project at AIIMS to reduce power consumption by 30%.

2017-03-29 - EE Times India

100V bridge power stage module adds 120V driver IC

The FDMF8811 delivers system efficiencies in excess of 97% in full-bridge 600W applications, according to On Semiconductor.

2017-03-20 - EE Times India

Xilinx demos emerging 400GE standard interoperability

Demonstrations include new 400G Ethernet, FlexE 1.0, and MACsec solutions to accelerate time to market and maximise scalability.

2017-03-10 - Texas Instruments

4-20mA DAC integrates buck/boost converter

The DAC8775 adjusts the generated supply based on the current load on the 4mA-20mA loop, creating a system with well-controlled…

2017-03-06 - Vicor

Buck-boost converter delivers up to 140W power

The PI3740 can be used in a range of applications that require the use of several alternative regulators having narrower…