2017-02-13 - Renesas Electronics

On-chip emulator speeds CAN debug

Renesas Electronics’ on-chip E2 Emulator provides connection to the bus that allow message timing to be matched with executing code.

2017-02-09 - Peter Clarke

Cricket exit poised to be third strike for India

Foreign players are wooing Cricket Semiconductor to build the analog and power pure-play foundry in their region.

2017-02-09 - Peter Clarke

Why India may lose Cricket wafer fab

Dreams of building a multinational wafer fab to boost the semicon industry are gradually slipping away due to concerns over…

2017-02-07 - Toshiba

Photorelay offers increased density in smaller boards

Toshiba’s TLP3406S photorelay offers small on-resistance and on/off switching currents of 1.5A in 2.00mm x 1.45mm size.

2017-02-03 - Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi robot reduces generator inspection time

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a 19.9mm inspection robot that can inspect the gap between the rotor and the stator, reducing…

2017-01-31 - Xavier Bignalet

IoT: Hype or reality?

Microchip's Xavier Bignalet believes that with IoT the question is not one of hype or reality but of when will…

2017-01-30 - Gary Giust, Jayaprakash Balachandran, Bidyut Sen

Test serial-data clock jitter via LCC

When testing, use an oscilloscope with sufficient deep memory to capture the lowest-frequency expected to cause problems in the system.

2017-01-27 - NXP

Higher cryptography chip secures future ePassport

Advancements in ePassport’s flexibility, accessibility, security and interoperability allow users to securely derive credentials for other devices.

2017-01-19 - Rick Merritt

FTC sues Qualcomm for unfair licensing deals

Qualcomm described the U.S. complaint as a politically opportunistic move that got the facts wrong and is based on flawed…

2017-01-16 - Toshiba

SiC schottky diodes realise higher power efficiency

The Toshiba’s SiC schottky barrier diodes deliver approximately 70% improved surge forward current than first generation products.