2016-11-30 - Akshat Jain, Ranajay Mallik

Cut standby drain to increase energy efficiency

A typical household appliance consumes standby power in the 0.5W to 5W range. Reducing that unwanted energy consumption can help…

2016-11-30 - Akshat Jain, Ranajay Mallik

Getting standby power below 50mW

Here's a system developed with STMicroelectronics' VIPer0P device to help you cut standby power in a typical application to below…

2016-11-18 - None

350A DC contactors rough it in military, power app

The KILOVAC EV202 DC contactor is built small but tough for military and commercial vehicles and energy storage systems.

2016-11-18 - Vicor

Super computer offers 1.5 PetaFLOPS/m3 performance

The ZettaScaler-1.8 utilises Vicor converters to provide 48V to high density, high efficiency direct-to-PoL current multipliers.

2016-11-16 - Intersil

Intersil buck-boost chargers give a 5V-20V reverse-boost

Intersil's ISL9238 and ISL9238A buck-boost battery chargers add 5V-20V reverse boost and can fast-charge mobile battery packs with up to…

2016-11-03 - Texas Instruments

60V eFuse offers reverse polarity protection

TPS2660 features advanced protection and integration, reducing board space up to 40% by eliminating the need for external components.

2016-10-11 - Bill Schweber

Modular smartphone power issues pile up

Engineers know that a good set of power rails is like a good foundation for a structure: if it is…

2016-10-05 - Microchip Technology

DEPA controllers improve battery charging support

The controllers use integrated linear regulator, MOSFET drivers, 8-bit PIC microcontroller core, precision oscillator and analog control loops.

2016-09-27 - Vivek Nanda

Inverter uses SiC components to boost EV range

A new inverter offers greater efficiency in a smaller, lighter package – a hybrid and electric vehicle manufacturer’s dream.

2016-09-25 - Toshiba

Photorelays offer up to 3750Vrms voltage isolation

TLP172AM and TLP172GM utilise multi-chip technology and were developed as high spec, pin-compatible versions of Toshiba existing 2.54SOP products.