2021-06-21 - PIB India

Novel Technology for Coating Carbon on Lithium Metal Oxide Electrode Can Double Battery Life

Researchers have developed a non-expensive way to coat carbon on lithium metal oxide electrodes for lithium-ion batteries.

2021-06-17 - Daniel Carroll, Carnegie Mellon University

Should Ships in India Switch to Shore Power?

India is making a significant push for electrification and modernization in a host of technology fields.

2021-06-04 - Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd

Samsung Launches New Power Management Solutions for DDR5 Modules

Samsung Electronics' new integrated power management ICs for DDR5 DIMMs offer increased compatibility and signal integrity, and provide a more…

2021-06-02 - Mouser Electronics Inc.

Mouser Now Stocking ADI ADCs for mmWave Imaging, Phased Array Radar Applications

Mouser Electronics Inc. is now stocking the AD9083 analog-to-digital converter (ADC) from Analog Devices Inc. (ADI).

2021-05-31 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Generating Power from Waste Heat Using Supercritical CO₂

Siemens Energy has licensed Echogen Power Systems' technology that uses supercritical carbon dioxide to collect waste heat from the source…

2021-05-28 - Analog Devices Inc.

ADI’s BMS Lineup Supports Continuous Battery Monitoring

Analog Devices has expanded its lineup of battery management system (BMS) products to enable continuous battery monitoring.

2021-05-26 - Sarah Fields, COMSOL Inc.

Multiphysics simulation drives smart city technology

Reimagining the utilitarian power box into a modular, modern installment requires a complete design reinvention to balance the physical phenomena…

2021-05-24 - Transphorm Inc.

Silanna Semiconductor and Transphorm Develop GaN Adapter Reference Design

Transphorm's GaN-based solution delivers groundbreaking power density and efficiency.

2021-05-19 - Dialog Semiconductor

Dialog Semiconductor Extends Partnership with SiFive

Dialog Semiconductor is SiFive's preferred power management partner for its HiFive Unmatched, a PC form-factor RISC-V Linux Development Platform for…

2021-05-13 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Emrod Aiming to Transmit Energy Via EM Waves Over Long Distances

Emrod is preparing to transmit energy via EM waves over long distances using proprietary beam-forming technology, metamaterials, and rectennas.