2016-10-14 - CCIX

CCIX spec addresses data centre connectivity

The consortium has chosen to use the PCI Express architecture as its first transport layer with additional higher speeds of…

2016-10-12 - STMicroelectronics

MCUs integrate high-speed USB PHY circuitry

The STM32F732 and STM32F733 variants come with extra cryptographic features on-chip, such as an AES256 HW engine.

2016-09-13 - Sigma Designs

G.Hn line modem powers UHD set-top box

The reference design connects to broadband via a G.Hn power line network using a home’s power infrastructure.

2016-09-11 - Rick Merritt

Apple debuts smart wireless earbuds with new W1 chip

The new AirPods and three new wireless Beats headphones include the company's first wireless chip.

2016-09-05 - IC Insights

Price increase to boost MCU sales through 2020

Brace yourself for increasing prices of MCUs as ASPs 'stabilise' in IC Insight's 2015-2020 forecast period.

2016-09-01 - Rick Merritt

14nm+ process gives Intel’s Kaby Lake 12% boost

The 14+nm process delivers transistor-level enhancements such as taller fins and improved gate pitch, interconnect speed and aspect ratio.

2016-08-26 - Maxim Integrated

MCU enables PCI-PTS 4.1 certification

For PCI-PTS 4.1 certification, products must pass increased levels of differential power analysis and simple power analysis (DPA/SPA) attack testing.

2016-08-24 - Gartner

Global smartphone sales grew 4.3% in Q2

The five vendors that has seen growth include Chinese manufacturers Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi and BBK Communication Equipment, and South Korea’s…

2016-08-23 - Kevin Krewell

AMD’s Zen edges out 8-core, 3GHz Intel Broadwell E

AMD has shown desktop and server versions of chips using its new Zen CPU core, and to say the results…

2016-08-18 - Vivek Nanda

Fujitsu uses GPU parallelisation to speed deep learning

Using "AlexNet," 64 GPUs in parallel have achieved 27x the speed of a single GPU for what Fujitsu is claiming…