2019-11-19 - Brian Santo

Nuvia Takes on Intel in the Data Center

The startup promises a clean-sheet server core and associated SoC. The founders are IC experts that worked at Apple, Arm,…

2019-10-30 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Blog: Is the AI Inference Processor Dead?

Ceva thinks devoting two processors to one workload is unsustainable.

2019-09-13 - Nitin Dahad

Integrated 5G Chips Revealed at IFA

5G gets boost from mobile processors integrated with modem in SoC, and platform with integrated RF system.

2019-09-03 - Gary Hilson

Microchip Combats the CPU/Memory Bottleneck

Microchip is entering the memory infrastructure market with OMI-based serial memory controller.

2019-08-21 - Rick Merritt

DDR Alternative Debuted by IBM

IBM debuted Open Memory Interface, a DDR alternative that packs more DRAM on servers at higher bandwidth than DDR.

2019-08-14 - Rick Merritt

Cray Secures Another Exascale Deal

Cray won a $600 million deal to build the El Capitan exascale system, sweeping all three next-gen supercomputers for U.S.…

2019-08-09 - Rick Merritt

Microsoft, Google Gravitate to AMD’s Rome

Google and Microsoft said they will use Rome, AMD's latest x86 processors battling for Intel's lucrative server market.

2019-08-07 - Rick Merritt

Mixed Reviews for Intel’s 10nm Chip

Reviewers praised the improved graphics but noted lackluster CPU gains on Ice Lake, Intel's first mainstream 10nm chip.

2019-07-23 - Kathleen Maher

Do You Need a Workstation?

Buyers are less clear about what kind of computing resources they need to get their jobs done, and workstation OEMs…

2019-07-11 - George Leopold

Micro-convective Cooling Emerges to Take the Heat

An MIT spinoff is promoting on-chip micro-convective cooling as a way to beat the heat.