2021-02-02 - India Science Wire

New Security Ink for Protection Bank-Cheques Against Counterfeiting

A group of researchers from the CSIR-NPL has developed a new security ink for bank cheques that is difficult to…

2020-12-16 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Quantum Computing Accelerates Materials Design & Discovery

The cloud and edge computing have come to the industrial world and they’re here to stay. Whether one thinks that’s…

2020-12-08 - India Science Wire

Researchers Propose New Technique to Enhance Power Output of Piezoelectric Materials

IIT-Mandi researchers have proposed a technique to enhance the power output of piezoelectric materials, which can be used to generate…

2020-11-26 - George Leopold

Printed & Flexible Electronic Materials Find New Applications

Printed and flexible electronic materials used in smartphones are forecast to find new applications in medical devices and “smart packaging.”

2020-10-16 - PIB Delphi

India Proceeds in Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Research

Hydrogen as an energy source will play a key role in transforming climate-neutral systems over the next few decades...

2020-09-29 - PIB Delhi

Scientists Stabilize Gold In Non-Cubic Lattice, Unfurling Efficient Catalytic Properties of Metal

Scientists from JNCASR of DST, have stabilized gold in non-cubic lattice, unfurling efficient catalytic properties of the metal...

2020-09-28 - DST

Low-cost Approach Upscales & Produces highly Conducting Graphene

Scientists of JNCASR of DST develop a new low cost method of upscaling most conductive material‘graphene’ while preserving its single…

2020-09-22 - India Science Wire

Nano-coated Magnesium Alloys to Repair Bone Fractures

Researchers from the IIT Madras have developed nano-coated magnesium alloys that can repair bone defects in rabbits, planning to study…

2020-09-09 - India Science Wire

Researchers Develop Simple Technique for Assembly of Nanorods

Recognizing that a method to assemble gold nanorods (rod-shaped) will open various avenues of its applications, IIT Madras researchers have…

2020-09-02 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

GaN HEMTs Promising Future for Next-Gen Power Semiconductor

GaN HEMTs feature low operating resistance and a high breakdown voltage, which makes them promising as a next-generation power semiconductor.