2020-02-25 - Gary Hilson

Weebit Nano to Ramp Up ReRAM Development

The company ran into unexpected demand for its new ReRAM. The plan was to target the embedded market first.

2020-01-21 - Gary Hilson

When Will ReRam Move Beyond the R&D Phase?

There’s much potential for ReRAM, but it’s still not in wide production.

2019-01-04 - Gary Hilson

IITD Partners with Weebit Nano on Neuromorphic ReRAM

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD) is partnering with Israel-based Weebit Nano to collaborate on the use of ReRAM for…

2018-05-18 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

Microsemi License Deal an Endorsement for ReRAM

Industry analysts see floodgates potentially opening for ReRAM adoption after Microsemi/Crossbar license deal

2017-09-28 - Gary Hilson, EE Times

Partnership Puts ReRAM in SSDs

A collaboration that mixes Mobiveil's NVMe SSD IP with Crossbar's ReRAM IP blocks is aimed at enabling 10 times more…