2022-04-01 - Pixxel

Pixxel Raises $25M in Series A

The new funding enables Pixxel to expedite production of a hyperspectral satellite constellation.

2022-03-28 - PIB India

INSPIRE Faculty Fellow’s Work on Surface Electromagnetics Can Improve Satellite Communications

Dr. Debidas Kundu's work can improve defense and space research technology as well as satellite communications.

2022-03-11 - SIA-India

SIA-India Pitches for Balanced Approach for Allocation of Spectrum for IMT and Satellite

A balanced and multi-technology approach enables the creation of ubiquitous connectivity infrastructure in the country for achieving "Digital India" and…

2021-06-07 - George Leopold

AI-based Data Compression Techniques to Help Unclog Space Communications

Lossless data compression and optical communications could create bigger pipes for sending and receiving satellite imagery.

2021-04-23 - George Leopold

Operational Satellite Gets New Lease on Life

A robotic repair service extends the life of an active satellite, promising a new era of reusable spacecraft.

2021-03-29 - George Leopold

Satellite-based Hybrid 5G Network Takes Shape

Lockheed Martin and Omnispace are collaborating on a 5G satellite service that would link to terrestrial wireless networks.