2022-11-28 - Synopsys Inc.

Synopsys Research Finds Vulnerabilities in 95% of Applications

In the 4,300 tests conducted, 95% of the targets were found to have some form of vulnerability (a 2% decrease…

2022-10-07 - Indian Institute of Science

POWERGRID Partners with IISc to Tackle Issues in Cybersecurity of Power Transmission Systems

POWERGRID, IISc, and the FSID are partnering to establish the POWERGRID Centre of Excellence in Cybersecurity in Power Transmission and…

2022-09-16 - Smiths Detection

Smiths Detection Inks MoU with BEL to Manufacture X-ray Screening Technologies in India

The MoU marks Smiths Detection's first manufacturing operation in India.

2022-08-17 - Synopsys Inc.

Majority of Organizations Increasing Their Software Supply Chain Security Efforts

In response to software supply chain attacks, 73% of organizations surveyed say they have increased their efforts to secure their…

2022-08-05 - International Data Corp.

Majority of Large Indian Enterprises Increase Focus on Security Spending in 2022

Around 74% of large enterprises in India embed IT security in the planning, initiation, and assessments of all new business…

2022-07-07 - NXP Semiconductors

NXP Helps Standardize Next-gen Security with Post-quantum Cryptography

NIST has selected specialized NXP Crystals-Kyber algorithm for post-quantum cryptography standard development.

2022-06-15 - Mouser Electronics

Mouser Electronics Tackles Designing for Security in Third “Empowering Innovation Together” Episode

Mouser Electronics explores the importance of incorporating security into every stage of the design process.

2022-06-09 - Analog Devices Inc.

Analog Devices’ Secure Authenticator Protects Products from Counterfeiting

Analog Devices' DS28E30 1-Wire ECDSA Secure Authenticator helps protect products from counterfeiting or misuse.

2022-05-31 - Rohith KMS, Indian Institute of Science (IISc)

Randomly Moving Electrons Can Improve Cybersecurity

In IISc's breakthrough TRNG device, random numbers are generated using the random motion of electrons.

2021-12-17 - Sharon Hagi

Security Standards a Must for Consumer IoT

"If everything is connected, everything can be hacked."