2019-05-06 - Dylan McGrath

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

How Hassane El-Khoury took the baton from TJ Rodgers at Cypress Semiconductor

2019-05-02 - Kevin Krewell

Fifty Years of AMD

While AMD may not have always flourished, it has adapted and is now entering an era of sustainable growth and…

2019-04-26 - Partha

Ajit, Agumbe, Pruthvi and Shakti; India-made Chips

We take a look at India's growing VSLI chip industry, as it moves from service based to product development.

2019-04-23 - Partha

India’s Microcontroller Trends

India’s semiconductor market share is hardly representative of its size, both in terms of geography and in its tag as…

2019-03-19 - Sufia Tippu

Walden Rhines & His 30-Year-Old Affair with AI

In the last three years, starting from the third quarter of 2017 to be more accurate, all of a sudden…

2019-03-14 - Nitin Dahad

Will Analog Signal Processing be the Future of AI?

Gene Frantz may have been the visionary for digital signal processing (DSP) back in the 1970s, but now he thinks…

2019-03-13 - Christian G. Dieseldorff

Semiconductor Spending to Bounce Back in 2020

The memory rollercoaster will drive spending on semiconductor capital equipment back up in 2020, the SEMI trade group projects in…

2019-03-11 - Sufia Tippu

Signalchip designs India’s first indigenously designed chip

Bengaluru-based fab-less semiconductor start-up Signalchip, after eight years of relentless R&D work and a never-say-die attitude, has unveiled India’s first…

2019-03-06 - Junko Yoshida

U.S.-China Crisis: Reverberation Across the Chip Industry

As China-U.S. relations appear to deteriorate, we asked Ernst how his views on China have changed in recent years.

2019-03-01 - Akila Dishan De Zoysa

Sri Lanka, An Emerging Electrical and Electronics Sector

The Electrical and Electronics Industry in Sri Lanka has grown over the past 40 years into a key industrial manufacturing…