2017-01-04 - Graham Prophet

NFMI-based MiGLO streams audio at less than 4mW

NXH2280 operates from a 1V supply and consumes 1.5mW when audio is streamed in a truly wireless earbud application, according…

2017-01-01 - Rick Merritt

Is IoT finally ready to light up in 2017?

The semiconductor industry’s consolidation is sending out powerful repercussions across all markets, especially IoT.

2016-12-31 - Assocham

Assocham wants Modi to approve in-flight Wi-Fi services

Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal have already allowed in-flight connectivity in planes flying over their territory.

2016-12-29 - None

Oppo maps out ₹1,400 crore industrial park in Noida

Oppo, which already has a production unit in India, will also be opening a surface-mount technology centre in February 2017.

2016-12-28 - Arastu Systems

DRAM controller extends battery life of smart devices

LPDDR3 DRAM memory controller’s IP core supports various power down modes, including ‘Deep Power Down.’

2016-12-27 - International Data Corporation

Phone shipments in Myanmar grow 26% year-on-year

IDC maintains a positive outlook for Myanmar’s smartphone market in 2017, although growth is expected to be tamer compared to…

2016-12-27 - International Data Corp.

Tier 2, 3 cities drive India’s smartphone sales growth

Vendors that focused on affordable launches have contributed greatly to smartphone sales growth during the Diwali season.

2016-12-26 - Junko Yoshida

Zuckerbutt: Why Jarvis is both good and bad news

Mark Zuckerberg's simple AI system is capable of choosing and playing music, turning lights on and off and recognising visitors…

2016-12-23 - NXP Semiconductors

NXP adds NFMI capability to wireless earbuds

NFMI-based MiGLO products are capable of streaming high quality audio ear-to-ear at less than 4mW, according to NXP.

2016-12-22 - NASSCOM

NASSCOM signs MoU with Georgia Tech to promote IoT

NASSCOM plans to create innovative applications and domain capability, with a goal of promoting IoT's potential and transformational capabilities.