2019-08-28 - Nitin Dahad

Combating Relay Car Theft Through UWB Technology

Volkswagen and NXP unveil first concept car to use ultrawideband technology, claiming that its spatial accuracy and low latency makes…

2019-08-22 - Clover Lee

$140 Smart Water Bottle?

Smart water bottles are designed to entice children to drink more water, but they aren't all that smart, and the…

2019-06-28 - Nitin Dahad

Flexible RFID ICs Used in Anti Counterfeit Solutions

Chinese packaging firm turns to RFID and flexible electronics to tackle counterfeit consumer goods.

2019-06-25 - Niall Browne

Blog: IoT Security Still Haphazard

Current IoT devices are not designed or deployed with adequate security, according to an expert pointing to a recent user…

2019-04-25 - Giovanni Frezza, Molex

Managing Connected Lighting Solutions

New technologies and scalable approaches hope to overcome large scale deployment obstacles for IoT technologies.

2019-02-28 - Youval Nachum

Smart Video Surveillance Might be Listening

In security applications, you want to be able to ignore normal behaviors and be alerted to anomalies, so there is…

2019-01-17 - Junko Yoshida

Smart Battery Gears Up for E-Mobility

CEA-Leti demonstrated its new 3-in-1 battery pack, with switching, charging and BMS features — directly accesses individual battery cells at…

2019-01-11 - Junko Yoshida, David Benjamin

CES 2019: Top Gadgets to Watch

This year's CES in Las Vegas showcased a number of a sampling of the good, the bad and the unexpected...

2019-01-07 - Sufia Tippu

Foxconn to assemble top-end Apple iPhones in India

Apple is expected to assemble top-end iPhones in India as early as 2019. Foxconn will be assembling the most expensive…

2019-01-07 - ResearchAndMarkets.com

Indian Mobile Components Manufacturing and Assembly Market Worth $62.8bn by 2023

The Indian mobile components manufacturing and assembly market is projected to reach a value of US$ 62.8 Billion by 2023,…