2020-10-15 - Junko Yoshida

Can An AV Software Driver Match the Capabilities of Human Drivers?

Can AV software driver sense, detect and predict objects that pop up around a vehicle?

2020-09-28 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

Event-Based Vision Software to Accelerate Embedded Machine Vision

To accelerate the pace of innovation in machine vision systems, Paris-based Prophesee has launched its Metavision Intelligence Suite...

2020-09-04 - India Science Wire

New Algorithm for Safer Digital Data

A team of researchers from IIT Guwahati in collaboration with scientists from the University of Pardubice, Czech Republic, is working…

2020-08-27 - PIB Delhi

Aarogya Setu Introduces ‘Open API Service’ to Help Return to Normalcy

Open API Service enables organizations to get the health status of their employees or any other Aarogya Setu users without…

2020-08-21 - Strategy Analytics

Google’s Emergence as Full-Stack Infotainment Provider Intensifies Competition in Navigation Market

Google’s entry into the infotainment space as a full-stack infotainment platform provider is having tectonic implications in the navigation and…

2020-08-19 - IDC

Worldwide Public Cloud Services Market Totaled $233.4B in 2019

Worldwide public cloud services market totaled $233.4 billion in 2019 with the top 5 providers capturing more than one third…

2020-08-17 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

Goodix Eyes Automotive Expansion Through Acquisition of Dream Chip

Biometric authentication specialist Goodix has acquired Dream Chip Technologies, a German fabless semiconductor company...

2020-08-14 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

IoT-based Earthquake Early-Warning System Goes Open Source

Linux Foundation announced support for Grillo’s Open EEW project in collaboration with IBM to accelerate the standardization and implementation of…

2020-08-11 - Gartner

Worldwide IaaS Public Cloud Services Market Grew 37.3% in 2019

The worldwide infrastructure as a service (IaaS) market grew 37.3% in 2019 to total $44.5 billion, up from $32.4 billion…

2020-08-07 - India Science Wire

Indian Researchers Take a step Towards Improving Wave Forecasts

Researchers at the INCOIS, Hyderabad have found a method of improving wave forecasts. It will help to improve wave forecasts…