2021-10-08 - India Science Wire

Facility Established to Help MedTech Startups

India has set up a national facility to specifically address the commercialization gaps faced by the developers of microfluidics technologies…

2021-09-27 - Infineon Technologies AG

Infineon Partners with MeitY to Strengthen Startup Ecosystem in India

MeitY Start-up Hub and Infineon are collaborating to foster the development of incubation centers, CoEs and start-ups in India particularly…

2021-09-08 - India Science Wire

Innovations and Startups Must Be Discovered and Supported

The Technology Development Board must discover and nurture the startup ecosystem for successful product development in India.

2021-09-07 - India Science Wire

Government Incentives in the Offing for Telemedicine, AI, and Digital Health Start-ups

The Government of India will soon launch a special incentives scheme to support 75 start-ups in areas of telemedicine, digital…

2021-01-14 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Big Data and AI for Earthquake Early Warning Systems

Taiwan start-up P-Waver announced during CES a new system of analysis data to design an Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) model…

2021-01-05 - TTA

Taiwan will Showcase its Latest Technologies at CES 2021 Virtual Show

Under the Ministry of Science and Technology auspices, Taiwanese startups will be presenting their innovations at the CES Taiwan Tech…

2021-01-04 - PIB Delhi

Tech-based Startups Help India Become Second Largest Manufacturer of PPEs

A range of low cost innovative technologies developed and scaled up by start-ups played a crucial role in India emerging…

2020-11-27 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Neuromorphic Startup Raises for Brain-Inspired Computing Architecture

Neuromorphic startup Innatera has raised €5m seed funding for its brain-inspired compute architecture...

2020-10-14 - India Science Wire

‘Dare to Dream 2.0’ to Promote Innovators and Startups

The ‘Dare to Dream 2.0’ is an open challenge to promote the innovators and startups for innovations in defence and…

2020-10-05 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

Startup Secures $11M Funding for SOT-MRAM

France-based Antaios announced it has raised $11 million in funding for developing SOT-MRAM that can potentially replace embedded non-volatile memory…