2017-02-08 - Panasonic

THz transmitter revs satellite communications

A research group has developed a transmitter that achieves a communication speed of 105Gbit/s using the frequency range from 290GHz…

2017-02-07 - Kansas State University

Detonation technique enables graphene mass production

A team of physicists from Kansas State University has found a way to mass-produce graphene by just using hydrocarbon gas,…

2017-02-07 - Julien Happich

Upconversion enables near IR visibility

Researchers from Kyushu University have demonstrated a direct upconversion mechanism that allows naked eyes to "see" near infrared using a…

2017-02-06 - Graham Prophet

Anti-crash technology enables BIOS restoration

Arbor Technology’s BIOS ACT is designed to enable BIOS code recovery from a secondary on-board Flash and restart in case…

2017-02-03 - Binghamton University

Heartbeat could replace passwords for health records

Researchers at Binghamton University have encrypted patient data using a person’s unique ECG as the key to lock and unlock…

2017-01-27 - Imec

Imec, EVG target accurate overlay for wafer bonding

Wafer-to-wafer bonding is a promising technique for enabling high-density integration of future ICs through 3D integration.

2016-12-30 - Tufts University

Silk-based material gets bio-inspired functions

Silk's crystalline structure makes it one of nature's toughest materials, while fibroin can protect other materials while being fully biodegradable.

2016-12-07 - Georgia Institute of Technology

Doping method could cut cost of organic PV, wearables

The technique provides a new way of inducing p-type electrical doping in organic semiconductor films, according to researchers.

2016-12-06 - University of Bristol

Massive MIMO advances 5G wireless spectrum efficiency

Using a flexible prototyping platform from NI, engineers have implemented Massive MIMO, where 128 antennas are deployed at the base…

2016-11-29 - Nick Flaherty

Flourescent dye to fuel future for redox batteries

Researchers at the University of Buffalo have used a flourescent dye in a redox flow battery and predict generating 2.3V…